Wendie Aston began her wellness journey when she lived in Los Angeles, CA. Around 2004, she and her husband were renovating homes “GREEN” before most were aware of the meaning of “Non VOC.” At this time in her life, Wendie also began eating organic and gluten free foods.

After experiencing some health issues, Wendie sought the help of a well-known author/naturopath and tried to get to the root cause of her fertility challenges. She already adopted a lifestyle that was organic, nontoxic and green. The missing piece was undiagnosed hypothyroid, which was dismissed as “fine” by the doctors she visited.

After having her first child, Wendie began blogging at: www.greenonthescene.blogspot.com. She became an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach focusing on Fertility and Women’s Wellness. She completed the IINs Hormone Health Course and wrote a book—Going Green Before You Conceive (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble)—endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrup.

Having achieved wonderful birth stories, Wendie became a HypnoBirthing Practitioner to teach women how to release fear and birth with ease. In order to assist her clients to the fullest, Wendie explored even more treatment modalities that could help them achieve success. She became a Reiki Master and also learned to incorporate sound healing using tuning forks. Wendie also offers her clients Hypnotherapy, which can help with many issues, including fertility.

Wendie had a home that she worked on featured with Reporter Mary Mucci on News 12. She also appeared on News 12 with a client featuring her book, Going Green Before You Conceive.

Wendie’s philosophy of health and wellness is: “Food is medicine—you are what you eat. Fertility is a mind-body-soul connection.”