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Watch NYC Hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose Interviewed on TV

Ending Bad Habits with Hypnotherapy NYC

Hypnosis for ending bad habits

“Improving sleep, reducing anxiety, eating healthier, exercising, stopping smoking and more. Certified Master Hypnotist and nutritionist Jeffrey Rose weighs in with his tailored approach for accessing the subconscious with positive suggestions and affirmations. He argues that media and advertising actually invoke established principles of hypnosis to sell us drugs, unhealthy foods and alcohol. We need to reverse that programming to achieve wellness and personal freedom.” Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s “Intelligent Medicine” podcast intro to Jeffrey Rose’s interview.

Hypnosis is the perfect modality for ending bad habits. Most of the time people recognize consciously that what they are doing is bad and they would like to stop. Unfortunately, the conscious mind alone is not able to make the change and free you from your unwanted habit. People come to realize that conscious desire and the use of will power is most often not enough to break their unwanted habit. You should know that your unwanted behavior is driven by beliefs and attitudes within your subconscious mind. That is why using hypnosis for ending bad habits is essential for making the important changes you desire for yourself.

By seeing a certified clinical hypnotist you will easily and quickly make valuable changes to the subconscious beliefs and attitudes that propel your habits, and in the end you will be free of any compulsion to perform them going forward into the future. And where your unwanted habit is a way to deal with psychological experiences such as stress or anxiety, your subconscious will be guided to enable you to replace your unwanted bad habit with more constructive coping methods. Through hypnotherapy you will be automatically propelled along a new path, free from your unwanted habits, and all this will occur more quickly and easily than you ever imagined.

Whether you procrastinate, pull your hair, bite your nails, grind your teeth, or any engage in any other compulsive negative behavior you would like to free yourself from completely. Please call New York’s Advanced Hypnosis Center at 212-585-4430 to schedule hypnosis to break a bad habit session with our Manhattan hypnotist on the Upper East Side. You are going to be surprised and delighted with the incredible efficacious nature of your hypnotherapy at the Advanced Hypnosis Center.

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