Isabel Brodsky is a NATH Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (CHt), Certified HypnoBirthing Educator, Yoga Teacher YTT-200 and Certified Reiki practitioner. She is the founder of Sacral Space, a women’s wellness and empowerment brand, and holds a Bachelor’s in International Marketing from Pace University School of Business.

After Isabel experienced the power of mind-body conditioning and hypnosis for the birth of her first daughter, where she was able to birth her baby safely and beautifully without any pain medication, she dreamt of teaching this powerful practice to women around the world. Diving into hypnosis for pregnancy and birth led her down the path of continuous education to learn more about the power of hypnosis for helping unlock our best lives, every day.

“Hypnosis, when combined with intentional living and a strong desire for growth and change, is the greatest bio-hack we’ve got. Beyond fixing undesirable behaviors, releasing fears and rewiring limiting beliefs, I believe it’s a tool we can learn to use on a consistent basis to level-up the way we live life and manifest our dreams,” she says. “More than that, every session is activating the parasympathetic nervous system and macroboosting your immune system, which we need more than ever right now.”

An avid believer that life is meant to be enjoyed, Isabel has left her successful corporate marketing career to dedicate herself full time to working with clients to empower their healing, growth and life fulfillment through hypnotherapy and complementary holistic modalities. She is currently living in South Brooklyn, NY with her husband, toddler and rescue dog, and taking one-on-one, group and corporate clients both in person and virtually.