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NYC Hypnotherapist Sandy AmesSandy Ames is known by millions as Jamie Lee from 95.5 WPLJ Radio, and various TV shows. The name was given to Sandy by the legendary Scott Shannon, of the world famous ‘Scott and Todd in the morning’ on 95.5 PLJ (he’s now on CBS). Scott thought Jamie Lee sounded more “Hollywood” than Sandy Ames. The name stuck.  She is most noted for “Saturday Night 80’s with Jamie Lee” on WPLJ. Over the years, Sandy has become a healthy lifestyle expert, and a multi-level internationally certified yoga and meditation educator, as featured on NBC’s Today Show. Sandy recently spent seven years as TVLand’s Host of “The 100 Best Places You’ve Never Been.”  Currently, you can hear Sandy (Jamie Lee) on America’s most listened to radio station, New York City’s WLTW Lite FM.  She is also the voice of iHeart Media’s WOR Radio.

In addition to the New York City AIR Award for Best Evening Show on WPLJ, and 25 years’ experience as a Radio and TV Broadcaster, Sandy Ames is a world-renowned Voice-Over artist. You’ve heard her hypnotic voice on literally thousands of National TV and Radio commercials, Video Games, Instructional Videos, Cartoons, Promos, and Imaging. Think of the voices of Clairol Herbal Essences,  Vh1, The Montel Williams Show, those are all Sandy Ames. She has created content for ABC, Clear Channel, CBS Digital, and other clients.  She also co-founded Voice Actors of New York, a voice-over and broadcast training company.

Sandy Ames is a graduate of The Florida State University, with degrees and honors in both Psychology and Communication.  Additionally, she is a KRI, and Yoga Alliance Certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, AcroYoga (a combination of Acrobatics, Yoga, and Thai Massage), Kids Yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, and Anatomy. With three years spent living in Los Angeles, Sandy received her certification as a licensed Hypnotherapist from the only fully accredited Hypnotherapy school in the United States, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).  Also, while in LA, Sandy produced a never-done-before Hypnosis and Yoga program.

As a Hypnotherapist with a healthy lifestyle and broadcast background, Sandy specializes in working with clients on public speaking, performance, career enhancement, confidence, relationship issues, sexuality and sexual performance, stress management, performance anxiety, pain management, healing and recovery, deep relaxation, fears, phobias, habit control, spirituality, clarity, weight loss, body and self image, memory and memorization techniques, success, pain relief, social anxieties, creativity, studying, test-taking, breakups, writing, LGBT issues, and motivation. 

She’s also a single mom, living on the Upper West Side. Sandy especially likes reading really short bios.

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