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Overcoming a Breakup with Hypnosis

Most people have at some time experienced a feeling of loss and personal failure from a painful breakup. Some are able to move on much quicker and reestablish positive romantic relations much quicker than others. The reason is that their subconscious mind is filled with more positive attitudes and beliefs than others. For example, they might realize that though a overcoming a breakup can be a challenge, it also can be viewed as an opportunity, one that can lead to an even more powerfully, positive relationship in the future.

Through hypnosis your own outlook on life can quickly and easily be changed from ruminating on the past and a sense of loss, to anticipating a positive future.  With hypnotherapy we will quickly and easily give your subconscious new resources to make you more confident, resilient and resourceful. In addition, new attitudes and beliefs within your subconscious will enable you to both deal with your loss and be able to move forward onto a fulfilling path in life. For example, suppose your beliefs and attitudes within your subconscious were changed so that you believed that your just ended relationship was necessary to experience an even more positive and fulfilling life. That certainty would put it in a whole new light. Suppose you had the subconscious belief that if it didn’t work out the way you wanted, it probably was not right for you because it, in fact, did not work out. In addition, if you fully appreciated that people have different qualities to offer you in life, than the belief that there is only one possible  person for you would no longer hold.

Suppose you had the belief that the rejection coming from the other person was not because of any shortcoming on your part, but was because of the inability and limitations of the other person to truly appreciate and value you. Of course, you would have to be able to confront and honestly assess any of your own shortcomings that may have contributed to the end of your relationship. Your hypnotist will give you new, subconscious confidence in your worth as a person, so you will be able to courageously face these shortcomings and initiate changes in your personality. You will be able to implement new behavioral changes that will lead you to have better and more fulfilling, successful relationships in the future.

Instead of eating poorly and not sleeping well, you will go out of your way to lay the groundwork for a new, even deeper and more fulfilling relationship in your future. You will experience restful, restorative sleep, and make healthier food choices. You will seek out health-promoting exercise, both as a way to relieve any stress and anxiety from your loss, and as a way to better prepare yourself for your future relationships to the best of your ability. With hypnosis you will have both the confidence and the health to pursue, the new, even more fulfilling relationships in your future.

Please call New York’s Advanced Hypnosis Center at 212-585-4430 so we can book an overcome a breakup hypnosis session for you with either our Manhattan hypnotist on the Upper East Side or our Rockland, County, NY hypnotist in New City. You are going to be  surprised and delighted to find yourself even more resilient and resourceful than you thought possible, as your subconscious negative thoughts evaporate  and disappear and are replaced with positive beliefs and attitudes that guide you to a more fulfilling, future social life.

Learn more about our Advanced Hypnosis Center in NYC

“Every year, more and more people reduce their weight, quit smoking, alleviate stress, eliminate fears and get rid of phobias and bad habits through hypnosis. Advanced Hypnosis Center’s Jeffrey Rose, New York City’s leading doctor-referred hypnotherapist, specializes in the use of hypnosis to help people identify old, ineffective patterns and replace them with healthier habits and enhance self-image & self-confidence.” PROMENADE, 2003       

Welcome to Advanced Hypnosis Center on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and Rockland County, NY, where we use the powerful tool of hypnosis to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are seeking hypnotherapy to help you to lose weight, hypnosis to stop smoking, hypnosis to quit a bad habit, hypnosis for insomnia, hypnosis to conquer your fears and phobias, hypnosis to relieve anxiety and stress, or just want to change your life for the better, we can help you. Perhaps you need hypnotherapy for an addiction or can use sports hypnosis or medical hypnosis. New York Hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose and his outstanding colleagues can help you.

You may want to watch some episodes of NYC hypnotist Jeffrey Rose’s “Holistic Healing” show.

As a part of our hypnosis session protocol, prior to your hypnosis session you will be asked to answer our Confidential Questionnaires. We ask you to fill these out in advance so that you and your hypnotist can be well prepared for your first hypnotherapy session. Gathering information with our Intake Form, Making Changes and our Primary Sensory Mode Test not only helps us prepare for a productive session, but is also of great value to you. As you respond to our questions, you will have a more thorough understanding of the challenge that you have been dealing with and can begin the process of change even before your appointment.

hypnosis session in New York CityTo ensure optimal success, we take a holistic approach to helping all of our clients and ask you to be prepared to make serious changes in your lifestyle. Therefore, we will want to know, if you going through life dehydrated, deficient in sleep, deficient in exercise, deficient in vital nutrients and if you are overindulging in relaxants or stimulants that may be acting as an impediment to achieving your goals.

Your first hypnosis session will be for one hour and 45 minutes.  A reinforcement session typically lasts an hour and any additional booster sessions desired will last forty-five minutes.

Upon your arrival, you will find a comfortable and professional office. (We provide special privacy arrangements for our celebrity clients, if requested.) You will begin your session promptly, with little or no wait time.

Prior to experiencing the profoundly relaxed state of hypnotic trance, your personal hypnotist will go over your Confidential Questionnaires with you and gather additional relevant information. This thoughtful and thorough talk with you will help your hypnotherapist discover any impediments that might have hindered you from achieving your goals in the past and living the life you really want. During this conversation your hypnotist will also explain how hypnosis works and answer any questions you may have about the whole process. At the end of the conversation your personal hypnotist will be able to use his/her extensive experience and flexibility to tailor the hypnosis to your particular personality, lifestyle and needs.

Unlike some cold, authoritarian individuals you may have interacted within the medical profession in your life, you will find our clinical hypnotists Jeffrey Rose and Elena Mosaner to be highly warm, compassionate people, people with whom you will feel completely comfortable and confident with.

After your conversation with our clinical hypnotists you will gently be guided into a relaxing comfortable trance, where you are more suggestible. While in this state of suggestibility, you can come out of it anytime you wish to resume regular consciousness,  but you will find that you want to stay in this stress-free, peaceful state. You will consciously hear what the hypnotist is saying and can accept or reject any of the positive suggestions he or she will be making to you. With the empathetic guidance of your hypnotist you will quickly and easily make the changes you desire.

After your session, for additional support and guidance, your hypnotherapist will email to you positive affirmations, supportive self hypnosis audios and some of Jeffrey Rose’s own published health articles. In addition, as an integral supplement to your hypnosis session, Jeffrey Rose, Elena Mosaner and our staff will be available by phone after your session, if there are any further issues you wish to discuss.

To view our entire list of the hypnotherapy programs we offer for individual sessions of hypnosis on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and New City, NY in Rockland County, visit Our Programs for an overview.

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness where amazing changes can be made in the way a person thinks. Hypnosis is a completely natural path from conscious mind to subconscious mind. It can be defined as the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking. Hypnosis is the process of going into the state of mind called a trance. Being in a trance is a very natural state of the mind which people experience regularly during their day to day life. When you are engrossed in reading a book and forget about everything else around you and any things that are presently going on in your life, you are in a trance. This can also happen at a live performance or at a movie. Even at work when you find yourself losing track of all that is going on around you and begin daydreaming, you are in a trance.

Our Top NYC Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Programs

Quit smoking with hypnosis – If you are looking to quit smoking in the NYC area with hypnosis then Jeffrey Rose can help you. Many people quit smoking using hypnosis even if they have been smoking 2 packs a day! You can quit smoking too, just give us a call!

Lose weight with hypnosis – If you have struggled with weight loss before then perhaps hypnosis can help you lose the weight easier and more importantly, keep it off. Our NYC hypnotist is a specialist and can help you today!

Sleep better with hypnosis – As a sleep specialist, NYC hypnotist Jeffrey Rose can help you overcome insomnia and start to get a good night sleep again. With his unique approach and proven techniques he has helped hundreds get their life back through better sleep.

Overcome anxiety with hypnosis – If you are like many people in NYC then you may have more anxiety than normal. Hypnosis can help you overcome anxiety in just a few sessions and allow you to lead a more stress free life.

Overcome fear with hypnosis – Many people have fears and phobias that keep them from enjoying life to the fullest extent. Some have a fear of flying that can be helped with hypnosis with a very high success rate. Also many come to see NYC hypnotist Jeffrey Rose for fear of driving, stage freight, public speaking and more. Hypnosis can help you as well, call us today for more details.

You may want to read our hypnosis Session Information before scheduling your New York hypnotherapy session at our Upper East Side Manhattan hypnosis center or our New City, Rockland County, NY hypnosis center, If you are unable to visit either of our hypnotherapy locations you may schedule House Call Hypnosis session or a Skype Hypnosis Session.

NYC Hypnotist Jeffrey Rose in the News

NYC Hypnotist Jeffrey Rose's Published Articles from RECOVER Magazine

“Smoking, Nicotine and Addiction” by Jeffrey Rose, Clinical Hypnotist

Let’s get this out of the way, smoking and nicotine addiction are very bad for one’s health, but you know this. However knowing this and taking it to heart produce different reactions. The use of tobacco and its resulting nicotine addiction is responsible for killing more than 430,000 people each year in the United States, more people than die from car accidents, homicide, suicide, fire, and alcohol, cocaine, heroin and AIDS combined.

Tobacco use in some form accounts for around one in three of all deaths from cancer in the U.S. Smoking is responsible for 83% of all lung cancer deaths.

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“Sleep Hygiene for Health” by Jeffrey Rose, Clinical Hypnotist and Sleep Specialist

Sleep for better health is important for everyone. With knowledge of proper sleep hygiene, new behaviors and habits can be incorporated in your life that promote, rather than disrupt, a healthy sleeping pattern.

One of the first rules is to establish a regular schedule of going to sleep each night, including the weekend.

Of course, there will be times when you are out late and enjoying some activity, but when possible you should go to bed on the weekends at the same time as you always do. As part of the process of getting into bed at the same time each night, you should get into the habit of doing things that you know will make you more relaxed.

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"Dealing with Stress" by Jeffrey Rose, Clinical Hypnotist

Unhealthy levels of stress have become an unfortunate part of the modern life most people are living today. A desire to alleviate it has led many people to pursue ways of dealing with stress that are unhealthy. The reader, who is suffering from the effects of stress, may think that many of the successful people around them who are extremely busy and working long hours are somehow more resourceful when faced with the demands of modern life.

However, human beings have a natural limit to how much effort and strain they can deal with. I’m sure many of you would be surprised how often many of these, seemingly more capable, people turn out to be dependent on some form of drugs to be able to continue on in life the way they are going.

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“Hypnotherapy: Tap Your Subconscious” by Jeffrey Rose, Clinical Hypnotist

Hypnotherapy can be a valuable adjunct resource for anyone in a program of recovery from a chemical addiction. To understand why this is you must understand the true nature of a chemical dependency and what nature intended.

The person who has a chemical dependency is not just getting something bad for themselves, namely, a desire for a chemical that is extremely deleterious to their physical and mental health: They are also tapping into one of the body’s natural forms of creating an experience of pleasure: dopamine.

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NYC Hypnotist Jeffrey Rose can help you overcome many of today's life challenges through hypnotherapy. Many people in the Manhattan area are looking for help with weight loss, overcoming fears and much more. Please use the contact form for more information on how hypnosis can help you today.

Hypnotherapy can also help people to quit smoking or sleep better. People tend to find that once they start to make positive changes in one part of their life, that others follow. This is only one of the many reasons people come to see NYC hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose at Manhattan hypnosis center on the Upper East Side.

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