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Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling by Jeffrey Rose will put you on the right path to enhanced wellness and health. Jeffrey Rose has been counseling his New York hypnosis clients on nutrition and health for decades. There are, of course, other nutrition counselors, but the way in which he is superior, is his ongoing research in becoming and staying up to date on the very latest in research on how to eat well to optimize health.

You have probably been subject to contradictory information on how to achieve optimum wellness and health. A good example of this is the mistaken advice to get in as much cardio as you can. Today, it is realized by those in the know that weight training and intensity of effort are the key to better physical health, and formerly espoused long hours of cardio can cause wear and tear, fail to build more muscle which is necessary for good physical health and an active metabolism, and even increase your appetite so that you eat more and are blocked from ever losing weight and getting trim.

In the field of nutritional counseling, there has been a similar plethora of contradictory advice from avoiding most fats {often without even properly differentiating the different types of fat} and promoting more carbohydrates. And when it comes to vitamin supplements there is similar confusion. For example did you know that some vitamin E is to be avoided, while the right kind is health promoting. There are better forms of Omega-3 Fish Oil, B12, Magnesium and Vitamin C, all of which you will learn when you make Jeffrey Rose your personal nutritional counselor and follow his valuable guidance. If you are seeking to find a nutrition counselor and advisor then you will make the best decision to choose Jeffrey to guide you and give you nutritional information.

Jeffrey Rose is a master nutritional advisor offering the best nutritional counseling because of his attention to detail, making his advice spot on, rather than out of focus and uninformed, and choosing him as your nutritional counselor will reward you greatly! If you are searching for a great nutrition coach you have come to the right website. Nutritionist, Jeffrey Rose knows all about this and as your nutritional counselor will properly guide you to the healthier, more vibrant life you desire for yourself. And note, eating properly and getting the proper nutrition for ultimate health is just as easy, with his guidance, as running down your condition with the misguided, and just outright wrong information out there with some other nutritional counselors, to mislead you even when you are making your best efforts to be healthy.

In addition, his holistic approach to nutritional counseling is also a valuable reason to choose him. He will improve your total wellness by not just counseling about nutrition, but also counseling you about exercise and counseling you about sleep, taking you beyond others who limit themselves to just telling you what to eat and not eat! For example what one thing do most people do right before getting into bed, that is a major factor disrupting their ability to get a good night’s sleep?

Jeffrey Rose believes eating well, exercising for physical health and getting proper sleep for mental health, are all important parts of leading your new, richly rewarding life. New York Nutritionist, Jeffrey practices what he preaches and he preaches what he practices. His passion for promoting healthy living makes him one of the most valuable health and wellness coaches offering nutritional coaching you can find.

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