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Elena-Beloff-profileElena Mosaner is an NGH ( National Guild of Hypnotists) Certified Hypnotist and Master NLP Practitioner with over ten years of experience in clinical hypnotism. Ms. Mosaner also holds a Bachelor’s in Science degree from New School University.

Elena Mosaner’s interest in hypnosis began at an early age. She was five years old when she saw a stage hypnotist in Russia, since then she has sought an understanding how hypnosis works. Later in life she studied hypnosis with top instructors in the US and deciphered the secret behind hypnosis. Today, Mosaner enjoys educating her clients about how hypnosis works and how the mind becomes programmed. She works with clients to help them establish better habits, reduce stress, overcome performance anxiety and gain confidence in relationships. During a session with Elena clients learn how hypnosis works, understand the nature of their limiting patterns and beliefs, ultimately overcoming them by experiencing deep relaxation and reprogramming of the mind for a better, healthier, happier more confident version of themselves.

In 2015, Elena Mosaner was the hypnotist for French artist Philippe Parreno largest installation H{N)0YPN(Y}OSIS  at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. Elena hypnotized 100 people over two days to appear in the film titled “The Crowd”, as part of the multimedia installation. This interactive art exhibit runs through August 2nd.

In 2010, Ms. Mosaner wrote and directed the documentary film “Zaritsas: Russian Women in New York”, which premiered in Paramount Studios and was broadcast on RTVi. Elena Mosaner is an author of an educational non-fiction book “A Better You: Positive Affirmations and Relaxation Techniques to Transform Your Life” (2016). In 2014, she contributed to a weekly short science fiction stories for Serealites, which later developed into a science fiction book for young adult called “Quantum Voyeur”(2015). The book is available on amazon in print and kindle formats.  Elena is currently in production of the documentary film series about hypnosis, which she is writing and directing.

Elena Mosaner leads stress management programs for corporate wellness. In the program she teaches relaxation and meditation techniques and anchoring strategies for positive thinking and well-being.

Elena Mosaner finds it rewarding helping people achieve their highest potential by breaking inhibitions that hold them back in life. Hypnosis sessions are conducted both in English and Russian, in person or via Skype.

Elena Mosaner is featured in this NY Times article: You Are Not Getting Hungry…Using Hypnosis To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

NYC Consulting Hypnotist Elena Mosaner is featured on ABC Good Morning America as one of the top rated hypnotists for exercise motivation and self- improvement.

“Elena Mosaner Revealed As Hypnotist Behind Philippe Parreno’s Art Extravaganza ‘HYPNOSIS” in THE CHISELER

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