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Corporate Wellness Seminars

Today the Advanced Hypnosis Center stands at the forefront of providing the most researched and innovative corporate wellness seminars. Such seminars are now recognized as instrumental in propelling both the employees and their business enterprise towards a more rewarding and successful future. Through these informative lectures employees have been able to experience enhanced health and have become much more resourceful, becoming more productive, while at the same time reducing the need for absentee days and the cost of medical expenses.

NYC hypnotist and nutritionist Jeffrey Rose

As a skilled hypnotist, nutritionist, sleep specialist and addiction recovery coach with a thriving practice for over 20 years in New York City, Jeffrey Rose has not only the knowledge of how to live a healthier life, but as a clinical hypnotist he has the power to motivate, inspire and persuade your staff to take action and implement all their new found knowledge into the matrix of their lives. His seminars are a lot more than cheer-leading pep rallies as many other seminars ultimately are and which in the end are no longer influential and lose their power gradually over the following days and weeks. With the power of hypnotic influence fundamental  changes are made to the behavioral practices of each person.

In addition, other seminars may speak of the importance of exercise, nutrition and sleep, but some of their protocols in these areas may unfortunately be out of date. Here at the Advanced Hypnosis Center, our ongoing research in these fields enables us to provide you with not only the latest information in these areas, but guidance that will lead you to achieve your health goals in the quickest, easiest ways.

For example, past seminars that called for many hours of physical exercise, will be replaced with a new protocol, allowing your workers to get the same benefits within a much shorter time period. One that everyone will be able to easily fit into their often busy schedules.

Presentations in the past that have called for workers to get more sleep, may have missed a key element which will be instrumental in allowing you to quickly fall asleep without resorting to any pharmaceuticals, and will enable you to experience, deep restorative and totally refreshing sleep naturally.

Nutrition is another area where our ongoing research will prove invaluable information. Our seminars have been incredibly successful in guiding a multitude of individuals who wish to improve their lives to become and remain at their healthiest weight and consume the healthiest diet. And to do so without feelings of deprivation and stress, while fully enjoying the food they eat.

Please call New York’s Advanced Hypnosis Center at 212-585-4430 to arrange for our corporate health and wellness seminars for your company or organization. They  can be delivered in New York City, including the outer boroughs, Rockland, Westchester, and Nassau counties and New Jersey as well. Soon you will find your employees empowered and moving along a new, healthier and more productive path in life. Mr. Rose is also available by request to fly to locations all over the the United States.

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